Is My House Worth Staging? Questions Answered


These are questions I get asked the most when homeowners get ready to sell their home.

“Is it worth it to stage my house?”
“My house is not that big, it’s probably not worth staging?”
“Is the price point too low to stage my house?”
“Should I wait and ask my real estate agent if I should stage my home?”
“My house is pretty new, should I stage it?”
“My REALTORĀ® says I don’t need to stage my house, what do you think?”

The answer to all of these questions is absolutely yes! Why is that? Because no matter what price point a house is, or size, small or large, or how beautifully decorated it is, staging is beneficial.

A professional home stager will enhance any home to it’s greatest potential accentuating it’s positive features house appraisal.

There are packages for all price points and budgets and types of houses.

Many homes may be beautifully decorated, but that is not home staging. When a home is decorated it is very taste specific to the homeowners personal preferences. Not everyone will like your faux walls, or paint color choices, or furniture that you have chosen.

Even a new house needs staging too. They are usually more sparse, because owners have not had the time to furnish them. They also, sometimes have the builders grade or choice of paint or fixtures.

Many times a real estate agent will not recommend home staging because they don’t want potential sellers to think there is a negative connotation with their home.

Home Staging should not be associated with a house that is desperately in need of help. Staging is maximizing your homes potential by a professional that does this everyday, and has staged many homes.

When you decide to sell your home it is always best to call a home stager before you put your home on the market. This gives you time to get it show ready, and maximize the list price and have it ready for the MLS photos.

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