Seven Things You Need For Internet Network Marketing Success

Like any industry, the internet has truly revolutionized the network marketing industry. Today, internet network marketing or internet MLM for short, is the “in” thing and is starting to attract many people who once loathed the idea of calling and meeting prospects to build their network marketing business.

Internet network marketing is truly a dream business. Network marketing provides the leverage from other people’s efforts. The internet provides the leverage from technology. Therefore, embarking on internet network marketing will provide the twin leverage from both technology and the marketing efforts of other people.

With internet network marketing, it is now possible to get one’s marketing message out to potentially thousands or even millions of people. Marketing using email, forums and even articles help turn a cold market to a warm market by building relationships first before prospects say yes to an internet network marketing business opportunity. The biggest advantage is there is no need to do any more cold calling.

However, if you delve deeper, what it takes to really succeed at internet network marketing is not that different from the success factors of the traditional network marketing business. The seven major ingredients to success include the following:

1) Ability to Duplicate One’s Results

While the internet helps to remove the pain of face-to-face rejection to any internet network marketing opportunity, an internet network marketer still has to have a sales and marketing system in place which is easy for his or her internet MLM downlines to duplicate. Whether one’s internet network marketing business is able to experience explosive growth will hinge on the duplicability of the marketing system.

2) Focus And Persistence

With a slew of information about new, promising internet marketing and internet multi-level marketing opportunities coming onto the internet every hour, it is extremely to easy to lose focus and there is a strong tendency for any new internet network marketer to jump from one opportunity to another.

Just like in a traditional MLM business, it does take time and persistence for any internet MLM business to bear fruit. The only advantage of using the internet to do any network marketing is the speed and reach the internet provides. In addition, one needs to persist when embarking on a particular traffic and lead generation strategy and give it some time to be tested before hopping to the next traffic and lead generation strategy.

3) Relationship Building

The adage, “People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care” still applies to internet network marketing! Even with the proliferation of internet broadband technology and pervasive computing, most internet MLM prospects still require constant contacts via email or other means before they say yes.

4) You Being The Product

When a prospect say yes, it is because he or she trusts you. Therefore, despite the hype that is being offered elsewhere on the internet, whether one succeeds in internet network marketing depends on whether one is able deliver value and help his or her internet MLM downlines to succeed. Leadership and integrity are values one cannot do without. Personal branding also becomes a requirement.

5) The True Benefit Offered By Internet Network Marketing

The true benefit of joining any internet network marketing business does not have any thing to do with how good your company’s products are. Internet network marketing, just like any traditional network marketing business, is actually built on financial hopes and dreams.

The more one is able to help his or her internet MLM downlines fulfill their hopes and dreams, the more successful one becomes in internet network marketing.

6) Constant Personal Development

According to Stephen Covey, to be truly effective in anything we do, we have to constantly be prepared and “sharpen our saw”. T Harv Eker also mentioned in his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, our income can only grow only to the extent we do. We have to strive to be the right person in the right place at the right time.

Therefore, to ensure that our internet network marketing income grows, we have to ensure that we grow personally as well.

7) The Core Desire And Decision To Succeed

Lastly but MOST importantly, one has to apply this basic, inner natural law of wealth attraction and success which has been reiterated by countless gurus. Napolean Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” talks about the need to have the desire to be rich and successful before any turning point can occur.

Bob Proctor says that being rich and successful requires first and foremost a decision to be rich and successful. Basically doing nothing is also a decision.

According to Jack M Zufelt, goal setting and daily affirmations will come to nought without the core desire to succeed. When our core desire is absent, we can write ten goals and most likely we will only achieve one or two goals.

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Importance of Network Marketing Training

A good MLM training newsletter is worth a million dollars to a distributor in Network Marketing. Unfortunately, most MLM companies’ network marketing training programs consist of barely motivational meetings on conference calls. MLM Network Marketing Training -MLM Success- The Biggest People Principle The Deepest Principle of Human Nature is to be appreciated.

A point of debate about network marketing training is if it’s possible for a “15 Second Appointment Close” to attract people to look at a business opportunity. When good network marketing training is used, it actually can show people how to ad 30-40 enrollments to a network marketing downline weekly. That is The Secret to Network Marketing, as it is all about creating a WildFire of Success in your group, with people who want their life to burn with Success, not mediocrity.

These are the people in your group who “see” the big picture, and know that it is BUILDING a Network Marketing business that will create volume and bigger mlm paychecks. You will hear that many times, and it is a sign that new beginnings are at hand, and many people are looking at doing better and enlarging their MLM business and paycheck in Network Marketing. When the Smartest People in the Room see the hype masters doing their “hype thing”, they smile, and quietly get back to building a mammoth business in MLM and Network marketing by making it all about everyone but themselves.

Many people have “phone-phobia,” and I am amazed that they can talk to anyone on the phone about most anything, but when it comes to this network marketing business, they freeze up and many cannot do it. You want to find the people that are motivated for your network marketing business, and talk to them. At a Private Business reception, or In Home Meeting, you can talk to many people at once, which is more EFFECTIVE than doing all one on one network marketing appointments.

Make a list of the people you truly would like to have at your network marketing meeting, and create a list of about 30 names. But a lot of the training out there is really good, and I personally have learned a lot from the trainers in the Network Marketing industry. It is recommended that network marketers looking for further training thoroughly investigate the network marketing training programs in which they are interested and exercise caution in giving out their credit card information.

Use the audios all the time as they are duplicatable, and they work the same every time as you are learning the network marketing business. So many folks in Network Marketing will have the same year they had last year, and the year before, because they have not set any goals that will focus and inspire them to greater success in their Network Marketing business.

You have to control your emotions in Network Marketing, because they will determine about 80% of your first initial success, then they will determine about 80% of the rest of your success when you start your Network Marketing and MLM career. No product line will ever determine your Network Marketing success. No upline will ever determine your Network Marketing success.

There is NO Success in Network Marketing recruiting without having resistance, and you will never grow in your skillset if you don’t encounter the word ‘NO’ and negative responses. Focus in on the RIGHT tactics and perspective, and you will find your recruiting will explode with the “Success STUFF” in MLM and Network Marketing. If you do, then the Yeses you will get will EXPLODE with your MLM and Network Marketing business.


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Developing Your Network Marketing Strategy

Here’s a very sobering statistic for you. 97% of network marketers, who attempt some form of network marketing business, where down-lines are your gravy train, fail in short order because they either cannot successfully build their down-line or they build a very weak down-line. Let’s call them the “97 percenters.” They quickly come and go in the business, with many of them turning to bad-mouthing the industry because they failed miserably, thinking they gave it a valiant effort, and it just didn’t work – heck after-all, it wasn’t their fault.

Well, there are a few things going on here that many who understand the industry can easily explain. Since I was one of those “97 percenters” for a two to three-year span, I can empathize with them. However, rather than outright quitting after only a half-hearted attempt, I persisted, even though I kept making the same mistakes over and over. I’m sure you know the old saying, “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and getting the same results.” That certainly was me at one time.

As my attempts at network marketing continued their ascent into the abyss, I blamed the programs themselves for my failings. I just assumed that they weren’t as attractive to others, as they were to me. I thought maybe I was the oddball for seeing value in the product or service.

Nothing changed in my attempts at success until my lightning-fast mind began to consider, maybe it wasn’t the programs after-all, but just maybe it was “me” that was the problem, and my lame strategies at attracting leads.

Let’s start at the beginning and discuss the nature of a network marketing business.

Many assume that because it is easy and very inexpensive to get into the network marketing business that they can just sign up with a NM program and the money will just come rolling in.

Now in fairness, whether it’s intentional or not, that’s how many of these network marketing programs tend to mislead people to believe. Let’s face it – and this is not an excuse to mislead people because I believe network marketers, for their own reputation, should be upfront with the statistics of potential success and failure, and by law they should be – but if network marketers were to give these statistics, their prospects of accumulating leads would drastically be reduced.

In the same token, as a network marketer, you want to keep you product or service reputable and not be looked at, as so many do today, as nothing more than a “pyramid scheme.” In some cases this label may fit, and you should certainly steer clear of those types of programs, where nothing of value is being offered. There is no product or service that one can get a benefit from.

These programs certainly only benefit, monetarily, those who establish the program. These programs quickly “peter out,” almost as quickly as they started because most people want something of value when forking over their hard-earned money. Plus the fact that pyramid schemes are unlawful.

However, network marketing is a very reputable and profitable industry if your product and/or service holds value in the eyes of the end consumer. The beauty of a good network marketing program is that consumers could benefit in a twofold manner. First, they can find benefit from purchasing the product or service, and then turn around and profit from it by establishing their own network marketing opportunity, utilizing the very same product or service – hence, multilevel marketing.

But, that’s not the end all. You can have the best product or service on the market; yet, fail in your bid in marketing it yourself. This is what happens to many in the “97 percenters” category of failed network marketing businesses.

With this post, I am beginning a series of articles aimed at the “97 percenters” and dissecting the reasons for their failure in growing a network marketing business. I mentioned earlier that I was, at one time in the not too distant past, a “97 percenter” myself. It wasn’t until I began to understand the nature of the business and that it has to be treated like any other reputable business opportunity, with knowledge of the industry and a developed skill-set to be successful.

For example, you wouldn’t open a restaurant without knowing how to cook, or at least, hiring someone who does. You can go online and copy a recipe and attempt at opening a restaurant with that, but you still need understanding on how to improvise, as a good cook will in order to develop his or her own unique flavor that sets them or her apart from the rest.

The same goes for a network marketing business. 97% fail because they just follow the same failed principles of those who preceded them. When you look up how to market a network marketing business, you will get the same failed examples of contacting (and ultimately alienating) friends and family and pushing yourself on them. Posting fliers on cars and local announcement boards in supermarkets or libraries, or wherever. These techniques just do not work.

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Essential Ingredients In Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing is a phenomenon of recent times. It is also popularly known as Multi Level Marketing. It aims at increasing profits and returns. When you join a network marketing program, your introducer constitutes your upline. The people you introduce into the network marketing business are called your downline. It involves identifying people who can contribute to the success of the business and introducing them into the business. Network marketing success depends on the quality of people involved, the kind of efforts put in and the marketing skills of people involved.

There is no clear roadmap to network marketing success. As such there are no dos and do nots that will guarantee success if followed. It is difficult to identify methods and techniques that lead to network marketing success. Some techniques work for certain businesses and people and other techniques work for others. However, network marketing success is not an illusion. By following in the footsteps of successful network marketers and studying their methods and principles used, the ordinary person, new to network marketing can taste success as well. Let us now examine certain principles that have helped network marketers in the past to taste success.


The key element in network marketing success is persistence. You need to “keep on keeping on.” After being in the network marketing game for a while you have a downline large enough to study its statistics. Network marketers generally find in their downline that 95% of the downline is doing nothing at all. Only 5% of the downline is actively working towards sales. This makes it all important to support that 5% in their efforts.

An active and effective promotion campaign continues to bring in active members. By supporting the 5% that are actively making efforts, you can ensure that though small in the percentage game your active 5% prove large in the numbers game. It does not take rocket science to figure out that those who are actively persistent will achieve success. This fact is borne out through statistics as well. Those who are persistent and are with a network marketing company for 10 years or more reach the highest levels of its compensation package.


Patience is an all important virtue in the network marketing game. You need to be patient and at it for a year before that awesome power of geometric growth sets in. The cent a day example is illustrative here. If you were to save a cent on the first day, two on the second, four on the third and so double savings every day, how much would you have with you at the end of 30 days – a bunch of cents? How wrong. You would have $5,368,708 with you at the end of 30 days. That is the power of geometric growth.

Sadly most network marketers fail. This is because they do not exhibit the persistence and the patience to succeed in the network marketing game. They do not constantly promote their business as they really should. To become successful in network marketing, focus on patience and persistence and also on promotion.

Self Improvement and Development

In network marketing self improvement and development are crucial. Successful network marketers always improve upon themselves and develop themselves. In the intrinsic nature of leaders is the drive to offer value to other people. This drive reflects itself in successful network marketers. They create more value in themselves and are thus able to offer value to their prospects. Network marketers who succeed are always networking. Some of them keep lists of every single person they have met. Heavy hitters lists, direct mailing lists, they have all sorts of lists. This way if ever the time came that they needed a new company, they would be ready.

Being a Mentor to Others

Motivation is a key ingredient in network marketing success. If you are not motivated, neither will your downline. Successful network marketers always offer their services to their downline. They know that if their downline succeeds, so will they! A successful network marketer calls the downline to ask if they need support and provides it as well.


Network marketing is an exciting new career path that has opened up in the past few decades. Though there is no sure shot way to success in this career, there are certain principles that have given success to those who have lived by them. The most important of these is persistence. Closely related to this is another virtue that brings success in network marketing is patience. People who have persevered and held on to their dream of network marketing success have generally succeeded. Also important to success in network marketing is constant self improvement and development. You also need to develop your downline as their success is your success. With these soft skills at hand there is no reason for you not to achieve network marketing success.

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The Wonders of Network Marketing Success

Network marketing has been around for quite a long time now and created both positive and negative feedbacks from different adventurous business minded people. Regardless of varying and contradicting opinions and testimonies about it, the thing is that it really works but the length of time is different. Network marketing or networking is still alive and kicking!!!

In fact, it is now becoming an attractive opportunity in the internet business. The World Wide Web is filled with lots of profit earning breaks. You just need to find for reliable or promising website, send a request form and after sometime, get ready for flooding emails to get most of your time. Itís a kind of information overload!!!

One of the wisest choices that you can make is to engage in the fascinating world of network marketing What makes me say these things? Take a look.

First, we need to know the definition of network marketing How do you define Network Marketing? Simply put, it is essential to explain its components. To start with, you have to know your goal. What youíre building is a marketing network that will advertise your services and products. And then, youíll be producing a marketing network technique to determine how network marketing is generated and includes the activities to do to come up with the marketing network.

Doing network marketing online is said to be one of the most lucrative venues for this business mainly because the internet gives you the opportunity to come up with a wider marketing network that you can use more efficiently and effectively. In other words, the internetís connectivity worldwide is its ultimate advantage. And if youíre a smart thinker, then, do something immediately to exploit this benefit.

What should you do now? Of course, marketing network plan or strategy should be made first for it serves as the backbone of the whole business, so you need to create one for the marketing network online. The best way to do this is to analyze the existing network marketing tips, learn from others and then, write your own.

The next important question to ask is: where else can you find these helpful tips?

Numerous references, books and the internet give hundreds of network marketing tips. You should take a look at online sources to find network marketing tip or tips. It is also helpful to refer at somebodyís network marketing strategy and see if there are any network marketing tips you can get from there. Itís the same with using the literature first before making your own research topic.

Also search some companies that already developed their marketing network even if itís an offline marketing network or an online based marketing network They can provide you with real experiences and effective network marketing tips that will surely be useful in making your own strategy.

After having all the needed background information in strategy making at hand, whatís next?

This is the most exciting and brain draining part for the network marketing job. After creating your own strategy, it is time to begin generating your marketing network by gathering your prospective clients. Get their contact details and enlighten your clients about your services and products.

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