The Healing Journal


The author tells her story within a inspirational, unique, and superbly honest manner, expressing the varied array of emotions she felt throughout her two distinct battles with cancer. Both occasions, her husband, children, other relatives, and loyal friends supported the author through each stage of the healing procedures. Now she is cancer-free and doing everything she could do to help the others who were given an analysis similar to the people she received. Because Lynda Peterson gives you far wisdom about her illnesses, not only to patients, but to caregivers, this book has more than one concentrated audience. From my own personal experience, I think it’d have been considered a practical resource for almost any individual who is suffering from any form of lifethreatening disease.

At the very first area of her book, Agent Seth Levinson Peterson tells the personal narrative of her ailments along with following treatments in a way that kept me shout. Clients will feel as if they share her travel as she explains the doctors’ visits, so the chemotherapy, and an autologous stem cell transplant, her anxieties, her victories, and her dealing methods. Just like my neighbor who’s fighting lung cancer, she preferred scarves when she lost her hair. The intimate details of her experiences will make the hearts of readers answer her emotionally and esteem her for never giving up. That is the subject of this novel: Never quit!

The remaining segments of this attractively shaped and built book-with a layout for example colored tabs-make it easy for subscribers to have instant access to any one of the planning information that is required at the time. Only somebody who has taken this travel could have assembled such all-inclusive advice within the 210 pages that were jumped. Whether needing a listing of somebody’s medical history or entrance space for a”to do” list, essential travel data, vital connections, etc., a copy of The Healing Journey should accompany the patient everywhere he or she goes. It will turn out to be useful! There is also a photograph pocket Before the book and also a tablet computer and business card pocket in the back for add

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