Seven Things You Need For Internet Network Marketing Success

Like any industry, the internet has truly revolutionized the network marketing industry. Today, internet network marketing or internet MLM for short, is the “in” thing and is starting to attract many people who once loathed the idea of calling and meeting prospects to build their network marketing business.

Internet network marketing is truly a dream business. Network marketing provides the leverage from other people’s efforts. The internet provides the leverage from technology. Therefore, embarking on internet network marketing will provide the twin leverage from both technology and the marketing efforts of other people.

With internet network marketing, it is now possible to get one’s marketing message out to potentially thousands or even millions of people. Marketing using email, forums and even articles help turn a cold market to a warm market by building relationships first before prospects say yes to an internet network marketing business opportunity. The biggest advantage is there is no need to do any more cold calling.

However, if you delve deeper, what it takes to really succeed at internet network marketing is not that different from the success factors of the traditional network marketing business. The seven major ingredients to success include the following:

1) Ability to Duplicate One’s Results

While the internet helps to remove the pain of face-to-face rejection to any internet network marketing opportunity, an internet network marketer still has to have a sales and marketing system in place which is easy for his or her internet MLM downlines to duplicate. Whether one’s internet network marketing business is able to experience explosive growth will hinge on the duplicability of the marketing system.

2) Focus And Persistence

With a slew of information about new, promising internet marketing and internet multi-level marketing opportunities coming onto the internet every hour, it is extremely to easy to lose focus and there is a strong tendency for any new internet network marketer to jump from one opportunity to another.

Just like in a traditional MLM business, it does take time and persistence for any internet MLM business to bear fruit. The only advantage of using the internet to do any network marketing is the speed and reach the internet provides. In addition, one needs to persist when embarking on a particular traffic and lead generation strategy and give it some time to be tested before hopping to the next traffic and lead generation strategy.

3) Relationship Building

The adage, “People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care” still applies to internet network marketing! Even with the proliferation of internet broadband technology and pervasive computing, most internet MLM prospects still require constant contacts via email or other means before they say yes.

4) You Being The Product

When a prospect say yes, it is because he or she trusts you. Therefore, despite the hype that is being offered elsewhere on the internet, whether one succeeds in internet network marketing depends on whether one is able deliver value and help his or her internet MLM downlines to succeed. Leadership and integrity are values one cannot do without. Personal branding also becomes a requirement.

5) The True Benefit Offered By Internet Network Marketing

The true benefit of joining any internet network marketing business does not have any thing to do with how good your company’s products are. Internet network marketing, just like any traditional network marketing business, is actually built on financial hopes and dreams.

The more one is able to help his or her internet MLM downlines fulfill their hopes and dreams, the more successful one becomes in internet network marketing.

6) Constant Personal Development

According to Stephen Covey, to be truly effective in anything we do, we have to constantly be prepared and “sharpen our saw”. T Harv Eker also mentioned in his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, our income can only grow only to the extent we do. We have to strive to be the right person in the right place at the right time.

Therefore, to ensure that our internet network marketing income grows, we have to ensure that we grow personally as well.

7) The Core Desire And Decision To Succeed

Lastly but MOST importantly, one has to apply this basic, inner natural law of wealth attraction and success which has been reiterated by countless gurus. Napolean Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” talks about the need to have the desire to be rich and successful before any turning point can occur.

Bob Proctor says that being rich and successful requires first and foremost a decision to be rich and successful. Basically doing nothing is also a decision.

According to Jack M Zufelt, goal setting and daily affirmations will come to nought without the core desire to succeed. When our core desire is absent, we can write ten goals and most likely we will only achieve one or two goals.

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